2017: thé list

Another year, another list. 2017 in 30 pictures. A list to talk about at gourmet-diner this evening, right?

Here goes!

30. Lohaus / Charlatan Ghent


“Man your guitar doesn’t sound that good”
– “I know, I should change”

29. Billie Leyers / Charlatan GhentBillie Leyers

She’s got soul sister!

28. Sampha / Pukkelpop Kiewit28.PKP17 - Sampha-3

Love how he’s into his music.

27. Russ / Pukkelpop Kiewit27.Russ-2

King Russ, looking at his ‘dancing’ servants.

26. The Very Very Danger / Charlatan Ghent26.The Very Very Danger - Charlatan - GD-15

Didn’t flip a bottle, still nailed the dab.

25. Tin Fingers / Trix Antwerp25.Thin Fingers-2

My precious!

24. Lee Anderson / Charlatan Ghent24.Kontzert. 2 - Mooneye & Lee Anderson-22

Leesco in the disco, lick it.

23. Hydrogen Sea / Trix Antwerp23.Hydrogen Sea - TRIX-2

0 Beaufort.

22. Brihang / Trix Antwerp22.Brihang - TRIX-2

There was only one way for Brihang this year, and that’s the way up!

21. PJ Harvey / Pukkelpop Kiewit21.PJ Harvey-1

What? I don’t have to play it, i’m f*cking PJ Harvey!

20. Le Manou / Trix Antwerp20.Le Manou - Trix-4

Oops, I did it again..

19. Glints / Trix Antwerp19.Glints - TRIX-1

Well, we all know that position.

18. Soulwax / AB Brussels18.Soulwax - AB-3

Smack that!

17. Coely / Ab Brussels17.Coely-2

Coelovely hugs on stage.

16. Hamilton Leithauser / Botanique Brussels16.Hamelton Leithauser - Botanique-6

I could only capture the beginning of his levitation.

15. Gabriel Rios / Zebrawoods Ghent15.Gabriel Rios - zebrawoods-1

Standing in between the people, or isn’t he?

14. J. Bernardt / AB Brussels14.J. Bernardt - AB-7

The way he shows the ‘rabbit-ears’ give’s away he doesn’t play rock&roll music. And he doesn’t have to because he’s awesome.

13. Strans Of Oaks / Pukkelpop Kiewit13.PKP17 - Strand Of Oaks-6

He’ll be back, look for it.

12. Tamino / Pukkelpop Kiewit12.PKP17 - Tamino-2

The belgian revelation of 2017. That’s all you have to know by now.

11. Jose Gonzalez / Cirque Royale Brussels11.José Gonzalez - Koninklijk Circus-3

You stayed in the shade, Jose.

10. The XX / Pukkelpop Kiewit10.PKP17 - The XX-7

The XXL crowd.

9. Perfume Genius / Pukkelpop Kiewit9.Perfume Genius-1

I hope, with all the dancing, he’s also a deodorant genius.

8. Newmoon / AB Brussels8.Newmoon - Music For Life - AB - Show-10

You can read on his face how intense a Newmoon show is. If you can, go see them in 2018!

7. El Yunque / AB Brussels7.El Yunque - AB-8

The guys from Weird El Yunquevich are the defenition of the word ‘energy’ when they’re on stage.

6. Strand Of Oaks / AB Brussels6.Strand Of Oaks - AB-13

Told you he’ll be back. The most adorable teddy rock&roll bear in the world!

5. Mykki blanco / Pukkelpop Kiewit5.PKP17 - Mykki Blanco-6

F*ck the stage, make a circle for me.

4. Sigur Rós / Forest National Brussels4.Sigur Ros - Vorst - 5

Takk. I really couldn’t say more. Takk.

3. Bonobo / AB Brussels3.Bonobo-1

The beginning of colour in my life.

2. EME / Afropunk Festival Paris2.EME - Afropunk festival - Parijs-64

African dancing makes you happy, i’ve seen it with my own eyes.

1. Solange / Pukkelpop Kiewit1.PKP17 - Solange-3

Women on top, Solange above all women.

And that’s that. See you next year!